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About Us

We believe that the recipe for real experience and emotions is a passionate life.

For us, life’s passion is travel, which gives us a chance to explore the farthest corners of the world, mystical cultures and getting to know each other. “Show Me Poland” is the effect of catching the successful wind in the sails after creating the project. With each subsequent trip, we realized that the feelings accompanying us during our return to Poland are some of those for which we love distant expeditions. Travels have allowed us to discover in ourselves even greater love for Poland. Every opportunity at which we could tell the foreigners we met about our beautiful country, was increasingly driving us to act and to create the “Show Me Poland” project. Today we know well that the unique climate of Polish folklore, unusual Slavic traditions, the power of castles, impressive churches, cities with souls, overwhelming good food, and finally spotless and wild nature: mountains, sea, forests, clean lakes, rivers, green lowlands, singing Nightingale and stork view in the field, no words can describe it…

Our goal and dream is to bring news to the whole world about the wealth and potential of Poland, which is the reason why we create “Show Me Poland”.

What do we do?


Look through the glasses which our video is and you will be able to see what is underestimated on a daily basis. Everything you see on this page is true to the principle: “we been, we seen, we done”, so expect us with a camera in your area, which in the new version may seem completely undiscovered.


“Only moments are beautiful in life” When we travel around Poland, the moment becomes as long as the entire trip. Our story about discovered places will be told to the immortalized moments on the photos we took


Do you know places that are unappreciated and deserve greater recognition? Do you care about promoting the region or cities? Get inspired by this and we will show them to the world using video and photos. Contact us and participate in the success of the effective promotion.

Why we love Poland?


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